Graphite electrodes
Consulting in graphite selection and graphite distribution

We design and manufacture graphite electrodes in our internal toolshop  we offer the highest quality graphite of the Japanese manufacturer Toyo Tanso, ensuring minimal wear of the electrodes while electro discharge machining and optimal cutting conditions during electrode manufacturing
we provide graphite having a homogeneous isotropic structure that ensures uniform current distribution, resulting in dimensional precision of the machining workpieces
  • oferujemy grafit o jednorodnej strukturze izotropowej, zapewniającej równomierny rozkład prądu, co przekłada się na precyzję wymiarową drążonych elementów
  • we advise in the selection of the best graphite choice depending on the type of work
  • we offer our graphite in any sizes

Design and manufacturing of the electrodes

In large projects you can reduce production costs even by 40% through the use of graphite electrodes in place of copper ones. However, few companies are aware of graphite processing technology.

  • based on the supplied 3D model of the moulding insert, we are able to design perfectly optimized electrodes along with the coordinates,
  • Our electrodes are manufactured on a machine with a positioning accuracy of 0.002 and we use the selection of Toyo Tanso Japanese graphite with grains of sized 10 to 2 microns. They are characterized by high dimensional accuracy and minimal wear during discharge machining
  • We verify the position of the electrode relative to the center with accuracy of 0.005 mm.
  • We use known clamps and holders for electrodes such as EROWA, 3R or Hirshmann

Pre-prepared materials

We supply pretreated graphite of any size.

This can significantly short the duration of the electrode manufacturing process. Our blanks are made with very high accuracy, so on are ideally suited for further machining.

why we jumped in selling graphite?

In our toolshop we use graphite every day for our electrodes.

At the beginning, we used the material bought from Polish suppliers. However, what reached us - it was a real roulette.

It turned out that it was unsuitable quality graphite - usually of inferior quality. We tended to order material too good, which until today lies in our warehouse, because it is a waste to use it with jobs which do not require such great parameters

This is the graphite market in Poland. The seller does not have the experience that allows him to guide client in selecting the right product. Graphite types often get confused and we are never sure if we will get what we ordered.

It can not be like that! That's why we decided to change it.

How to buy the right graphite?

Discouraged with the polish graphite market we started research for manufacturers of graphite abroad

After many tests we found the one, which we could trust, and today we import our material from Japan

We tested all the available range of Toyo Tanso graphites for common work. We checked, that all work can be done while limiting the choice of 4 types of graphite. This allows you to order larger amounts of material, which is great for optimizations of purchase costs.

Each type we have tested for machining and EDM. We manufacture our electrodes on our own - so we want good machinability, which leads to low tool wear. We draw attention to the low level of electrode waring during the drilling. That is what determines the quality of the surface and the right shape of the final workpiece.

Need more information about graphite?

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